I was born and raised in Brandon and graduated from Brandon High School. In 2006, I married my wife, Lisa, and together we have three children, Abby(11), Owen(8) and Lexie(4). Both Abby and Owen attend Brandon schools. As a resident and father, I have a vested interest in the City of Brandon for today and for the future.

I began my career in public service as a police officer with the Brandon Police Department, after graduating from Mississippi College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice. While working at the Brandon Police Department, I was promoted to Sergeant and S.W.A.T. Team Commander. While working in these leadership positions, I learned that, as a leader, you must present and promote strategy that has been found to be successful but always be willing to listen to the ideas of your team and never be afraid to think outside the box in order to adapt and overcome challenges. Your success directly depends on the success of the people you represent.

In 2008, I resigned from Brandon Police Department in order to attend Mississippi College School of Law. While attending Mississippi College School of Law, I briefly worked as a Correctional Officer at the Rankin County Detention Center before returning to Brandon Police Department as an Animal Control Officer/Patrolmen. During this time, I was also an operator on the S.W.A.T. Team and Captain of the Brandon Police Department LawFit Team. Both of these teams provided the invaluable opportunity to network with agencies all over the country in order to collaborate on the many ways to serve our communities more efficiently.

In 2011, I graduated from the Mississippi College School of Law with my Doctor of Jurisprudence and began working for the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office as a Criminal Investigator with the Consumer Protection Division. As a Criminal Investigator, I investigate any and all types of white collar crime with my primary focus being on Identity Theft and fraud. These types of investigations generally require a greater understanding of financial reports in order to analyze complex data, records, and budgets efficiently in order to develop evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

During my time at the Attorney General’s Office, I have also traveled the State of Mississippi and educated consumers to the dangers of counterfeit merchandise and how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of Identity Theft or fraud. Due to the nature of these types of crimes, I have found that educating the public is a more efficient way to take a proactive stance in order to prevent these types of criminals from being successful.

I am also an adjunct instructor for the Administration of Justice Program at Mississippi College where I teach a rotation of courses within the curriculum. In this position, I am able to reach and mentor the younger generation wanting to have careers in public service.

As your mayor, I vow to always be a voice for you and to dedicate my hard work to the betterment of our amazing city. My public service experience and passion for our city make me a great candidate. A candidate that will work diligently to resolve issues that exist today and strive to put Brandon on a brighter path for the future.